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Soil microaggregation as an index of erosion resistancepedology

Soil catenas in archeological landscapespedology

The principles and methods of the appraisal of commercialization projects of the Universities innovationspedology

Peculiarities of the structure of soil cover in the industrial zone of the mining enterprises of the Belgorod regionpedology

Structural-aggregate composition and water resistance structure of agrochernozems in the zone of influence of the mining enterprises : on the example of Gubkinsky district of the Belgorod regionpedology

Quantitative substantiation of pedogenesis model key componentspedology

Ultracentennial periodicity of solar activity and soil formationpedology

Use of Hissopus officinalis L. culture for phytomelioration of carbonate outcrops of anthropogenic origin the South of European Russiapedology

Microbiota's response to natural-anthropogenic changes in moisture in a trans-zonal aspect: a case study for the south part of East European Plainpedology

Land division system, agrotechnology and soil transformation in the post-antique agrolandscapes of Northwestern Crimeapedology

Страница 1 из 5