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Vocalization with the mouth closed as a mechanism of generation of the low-frequency sound signal in great gerbil (mammalia, Rodentia)animal

Burrows of mammals as acoustic devices: a study of the bobac burrow as an example.animal

Two models of the sound-signal frequency dependence on the animal body size as exemplified by the ground squirrels of Eurasia (mammalia, rodentia)Dependence of the sound-signal frequency on the animal body length was studied in 14 ground

Role of carotid chemoreceptors in formation of adaptive reactions in animals [Rol' karotidnykh khemoretseptorov v formirovanii adaptivnykh reaktsii zhivotnykh.] in response to beta-adrenogenic blocade with inderal in post-glomectomic animals is authentically less, than

Transplantation of immature allogeneic testisanimal cell

The north fur seal uses amplitude modulation to control the spectrum of acoustic signalsanimal

Amplitude modulation as a source of low frequency facilitating the propagation of marmot (Mammalia, Rodentia) vocal signals in burrowsanimal

Protective reaction of the myocardium in intoxicationanimal experiment

Increased frequency of the acoustic signal aberrations in the peripheral populations of the steppe marmotanimal

The effect of amplitude modulation on the spectrum structure of the Pallas's Pika (Mammalia, Lagomorpha) sound signalanimal

Страница 1 из 736