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Narrative PoetryNarrative Poetry

CREATIVE VECTORS IN VARLAM SHALAMOV'S POETRY AND PROSEThe article deals with the topic of Varlam Shalamov's creative search in poetry and prose and his

Linguistic observations by Homer and in early Greek poetryLinguistic observations by Homer and in early Greek poetry

Ideological myth and archetypes in Tatar poetry of Years 1920-50S poetry of years 1920-50s, researched content and image paradigm of poetic works. In course of research

Translation of mystical poetry as historic-philosophical problemTranslation of mystical poetry as historic-philosophical problem

Genre strategy of modern Russian-language poetry in Kazakhstan© 2020 Lifescience Global. At the end of the 20th century, the poetry of Kazakhstan made a great

Poetry Translation: Artistic and Cultural Problems be translated accurately. This paper addresses the intrinsic difficulties of translating poetry from different

Concept "Love" In American and Tatar female poetry poetry revealed differences in sets of "source domain " target domain" in them depending

Pair Sufi symbols in Tatar poetry of the 20th century: Complexity and transformation of symbols and poetic features of pair Sufi symbols in the Tatar poetry of the beginning of the XX century

Тема любви в поэзии Ивана ЕлагинаThe article presents the analysis of the love poetry of Ivan Elagin, the second immigrant wave

Страница 1 из 131