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Диагностическая значимость и математическое моделирование параметров гемограммы и гемостаза при остром сальпингоофорите

On Sharp Bounds on the Rate of Convergence for Finite Continuous-Time Markovian Queueing ModelsFinite inhomogeneous continuous-time Markov chains are studied. For a wide class of such processes

Arrow of time in dissipationless cosmology© 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd. It is generally believed that a cosmological arrow of time must

Planning time-management as sequencing given jobs with interval processing timesAn automated system for planning and controlling working hours for a person (time

Pharmacological correction of metabolic disorders in experimental acute pancreatitis on the background of chronic alcohol intoxication

GRAMMER CATEGORY OF TIME AND OBGECTIVE TIME AND ITS EXPRESSION IN THE SIMPLE SENTENCEThe article deals with the problem of grammar category of time and objective time and its

Comparison of classic and novel change point detection methods for time series with changes in varianceSegmentation or change point detection is a very common topic in time series analysis, anomaly

L-NAME-induced preeclampsia: correction of functional disorders of the hemostasis system with resveratrol and nicorandil

Bounded solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic equations with time delay with time delay in a Hilbert space with the self adjoint positive definite operator A. We establish

Polynomial-time presentations of algebraic number fields
of the notion of polynomial time presentable structure we show that some natural presentations of the ordered

Страница 6 из 3632