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Образ русского поля в романе И.А. Бунина «Жизнь Арсеньева». It facilitates better understanding of Bunin’s worldview. The space of the Russian land lies in the focus

Land and natural resources in the constitutional subjects of the Eastern European countries and the regional experience of adaptation of the land use in the reform of land relationsThe study explores the constitutional positions of Russian Federation and the countries

Русско-татарское пограничье на юго-западе Свердловской области: "земля" как пространство взаимодействияThis article discusses the features of the Russian-Tatar borderlands in the Southwest of Sverdlovsk

EFFICIENCY OF IMPLEMENTATION OF LAND SURVEILLANCE IN THE TERRITORY OF THE NOVOSIBIRSK REGION management. The article examines the legal nature of land supervision of the Russian Federation, provides

Investigation of the dynamics of ephemeral gully erosion on arable land of the forest-steppe and steppe zone of the East of the Russian Plain from remote sensing data
identification of linear forms of erosion to determine its dynamics on arable land. The study drew attention

MAIN GOALS MANAGEMENT OF STATE LAND OVERSIGHT ON THE TERRITORY OF MOSCOW REGIONLand relations are such a sphere of the society's life activity where citizens and legal entities

DEFINITION OF THE LAND PROPERTY RIGHT IN RUSSIAN LEGISLATION OF THE 19TH CENTURYDefinition of property right which can be applied to land property right, containing in Russian

Identification of land legislation violations in the implementation of land supervision in the Novosibirsk region Russian Federation, according to Art. 71 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation. As a result

Regulation of land reallocation based on the preservation of the most valuable agricultural land of the European part of the Russian Federation, which includes the most part of arable land in the country. Based

Establishment of Forensic Land Surveying in the System of Forensic Science Organizations of the Russian Ministry of JusticeThe ever-increasing need for land survey expertise in judicial proceedings, as well

Страница 1 из 6787