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The Biomass of Macrophytes at Several Sites of the Upper Reaches of the Yenisei RiverThe composition and biomass of aquatic plants have been investigated near several settlements

Development of Efficient Technologies for Burning Coal in Modern Thermal Power Plants and Efficiency Assessment ToolsDevelopment of Efficient Technologies for Burning Coal in Modern Thermal Power Plants

Biotechnology based on cell cultures of higher plantsThis paper reviews the role of plant cell culture as a biotechnological tool in preserving

A synthetic strong and constitutive promoter derived from the stellaria media pro-smamp1 and pro-smamp2 promoters for effective transgene expression in plants and systematic testing are lacking. We report here on the comparative analysis of the promoters pro-SmAMP1

Simplified mathematical modeling of the distribution process of licuroside and glycyram between the extractant and Glycyrrhizae radices and calculation of optimal conditions for extraction of biologically active compounds from the plant raw material

System approach to the creation of Siberian brands on the example of adaptogenic drinks from local plant materialsThe subject of the article is to justify the prospects of using a systematic approach to creating a

Antimicrobial properties of plants of the Republic of Belarus prevention and therapy of most diseases without medicinal. plants.

CLAMBERING PLANTS IN OUTDOOR VERTICAL GARDENING IN RUSSIA in the middle region in Russia not all the foreign plants can exist outdoor. There are needed some plants which

Urban ecological analysis of local geosystems on the example of the city of KazanPlanting vegetation

Plant sterols: Diversity, biosynthesis, and physiological functions and function, but also to their regulatory roles in plants. Plant sterols have diverse composition; they exist

Страница 4 из 1267