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Specific features to train scientific-technical texts reading the position of psycholinguistics the analysis of translating reading permitted to determine its specificity

INTEGRATIVE TEACHING MODEL OF READING AS A COMPONENT OF A TRANSLATOR'S PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY of the teaching model of reading as a component of professional translation of scientific and technical texts

Translation-oriented reading of scientific-technical texts vs ordinary reading: Psychological and psycholinguistic aspectsTranslation-oriented reading makes it possible to identify the differences and similarities

Reading Translation and Style: лингвостилистический и предпереводческий анализ текста.Reading Translation and Style: лингвостилистический и предпереводческий анализ текста.

Learning to read and translateВиноградова Елена Сергеевна.
Learning to read and translate [Электронный ресурс] : учеб

Sight Translation: Typological Insights into the ModeThis article explores sight translation as a hybrid mode. It gives the insights into its place

A. S. Pushkin "The Winter Road": the Poem's Reception in the English-Speaking World Through the Mirror of Close ReadingThe article focuses on the problem of the reception of Russian poetry translations in English

Инструменты, которые переводчик должен использовать для создания приемлемого переводаWhy translation? Do we need translation at all in our life? In this article, we are setting out

On Translation Strategies of the Epic TextsThe paper deals with translation strategies of the epic texts in the case of the Sakha epic “Nurgun

Subtitling Practice: From Translation to TranscreationFor the past decade the issue of audiovisual translation (AVT) has been taking attention of both

Страница 1 из 1019