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Image Processing Algorithms Based on Pyramidal StructureImage Processing Algorithms Based on Pyramidal Structure

Building detection on aerial images using U-NET neural networks on satellite images of Planet database. To analyze the quality of developed algorithms, there was used Sorensen

Личное дело Новицкой Баси Ароновны

Image as a component of ConsciousnessThe present article examines the image in the structure of consciousness from the standpoint

A method for detecting image contoursA method for detecting boundaries (edges) of objects in an image based on the dynamical

JPEG Image
JPEG Image

FPGA - based digital image processing algorithms implementation overviewToday FPGAs are often used for real-time image processing acceleration. This paper describes

Statistical Image Classification for Image Steganographic TechniquesSteganography is the method of information hiding. Free selection of cover image is a particular

System of automatic video stream images evaluation and preprocessing for ADAS filtering of images of a video stream based on assessment and the subsequent correction of such qualitative

Работа с модулем ImageMagickВ статье рассмотрена работа с модулем ImageMagick, который представляет собой набор программного

Страница 1 из 1266