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Public assessment of social and economic effects of climate change based on the case of the republic of tatarstan at identifying the views of experts and general public on climate change in Tatarstan and Russia, as well

Economic Structural Change as an Option for Mitigating the Impacts of Climate ChangeEconomic Structural Change as an Option for Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change

Прогнозный сценарий комфортности климата Витебска in Vitebsk are analyses, expected scenario of climate comfort change before 2020 is worked out.

Современные тенденции изменения комфортности климата в городе Минске climatic and eco-climatic indices change in Minsk according to prognosis scenario on 2030 are shown.

Прогнозный сценарий изменения комфортности климата крупных городов Беларуси крупных городов Беларуси на период до 2025 года. Prognosis scenario of the climate comfort change

Climate Change Mitigation and Renewable Energy Sources: International Legal Issues, accordingly, in combating climate change processes. There is no specific international treaty regulating

Ecologically Oriented Forestry Development in Belarus in the Context of Climate Change Strategies and Actions Plans for the Adaptation of the Belarusian Forestry Sector to Climate Change

Economic and socio-demographic effects of global climate changeThe article discusses the main challenges and threats of global climate change and their impact

Assessment of climate change impacts on environmental sustainability in AfghanistanClimate change is a global phenomenon that became one of the most predominant environmental

Future changes in extratropical storm tracks and baroclinicity under climate change by the strength and position of extratropical storm tracks. Future climate change will likely affect these storm

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