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On relationship between the resolvent convergence and the smoothness of solutions to boundary value problemsRelationship between the resolvent convergence property and the smoothness of solutions to boundary

Completeness Property of One-Dimensional Perturbations of Normal and Spectral Operators Generated by First Order Systems for the rank of the resolvent difference for operators corresponding to two BVPs for n× n system in terms

ON FRACTIONAL POWERS OF BESSEL OPERATORS transforms, group property, generalized Taylor formula with Bessel operators, evaluation of resolvent

Generalized resolvents and the boundary value problems for Hermitian operators with gapsGeneralized resolvents and the boundary value problems for Hermitian operators with gaps

Generalized boundary triples, I. Some classes of isometric and unitary boundary pairs and realization problems for subclasses of Nevanlinna functionsWith a closed symmetric operator A in a Hilbert space (Formula presented.) a triple (Formula

Closed description of arbitrariness in resolving quantum master equationIn the most general case of the Delta exact operator valued generators constructed of an arbitrary

THE GAMBIAN CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS AND THE ECONOMIC COMMUNITY OF WEST AFRICAN STATES PEACE OPERATION the indefatigable efforts of the ECOMIG and the resolve of most West African Countries helped to resolve

Correctness of Cauchy-Type Problems for Abstract Differential Equations with Fractional Derivatives = Корректная разрешимость проблем для абстрактных дифференциальных уравнений с мелкими дробными производнымиresolving operator

Weyl solutions and j-selfadjointness for Dirac operators in L2(I,Cn) the (closed) maximal and minimal operators Dmax(Q) and Dmin(Q), respectively. One of our

Analytical measurement in electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry - How correct is it? of the spectrometer for different source operating conditions. The distribution is rather non-uniform and can

Страница 1 из 1728