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Clinical and laboratory indicators in pregnant women with preeclampsia

Dataset of allele, genotype and haplotype frequencies of five polymorphisms CDKN2B-AS1 gene in Russian patients with primary open-angle glaucoma

Genetic determinants of endometriosis and uterine myoma combinatin

The study of the associations of polymorphism of matrix metalloproteinases with multifactorial human diseases and in silico assessment of their functional effects

Approaches to the construction of simulation model of the process optimization of rare plants microclonal propagation

The study of the role of maternal and fetal risk factors in the development of placental insufficiency

Population-genetic structure of the residents of Central Russia

Candidate genes and clinical-laboratory indices in pregnant women depending on the development of preeclampsia

Polymorphisms of genes and the risk of preeclampsia

The level of fibrinogen and gene polymorphism in pregnant women with placental insufficiency

Страница 1 из 15100