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Soils as indicators of climatic changes

Anthropogenic evolution of dark gray forest-steppe soils in the southern part of the central russian upland

The first monograph of Ukrainian soil scientists on the Holocene evolution of soils

Reasons for long-term dynamics of NDVI (MODIS) averaged for arable lands of municipalities of Belgorod region

Evolution of the carbonate state of agrogenically transformed dark gray forest soils in the central forest-steppe

Recent afforestation in the Iowa river and Vorskla river basins: a comparative trends analysis

Evolution of Soil Carbon Storage and Morphometric Properties of Afforested Soils in the U.S. Great Plains

Regional manifestations of changes in atmospheric circulation in the Central Black Earth region : by the example of Belgorod region

Influence of long- and short-term climatic changes on chernozem soils : Central Chernozem region of Russia

Degradation of geosystems in the Belgorod region as a result of the economic activities

Страница 1 из 53065