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Multilingualism and languages policies in BrazilMuller de Oliveira Gilvan.
Multilingualism and languages policies in Brazil / Gilvan Muller

Unraveling the Complex Behavior of Mrk 421 with Simultaneous X-Ray and VHE Observations during an Extreme Flaring Activity in 2013 April

Similar Terms Grouping Yields Faster Terminological Saturation

On the solvability of implicit differential inclusions

Efficient esterification of eugenol using a microwave-activated waste kaolin

Acetylation of eugenol over 12-molybdophosphoric acid anchored in mesoporous silicate support synthesized from flint kaolin aluminosilicate AlSiM, synthesized from Amazon kaolin, was characterized and used as a heterogeneous acid catalyst

Bentonites modified with phosphomolybdic heteropolyacid (HPMo) for biowaste to biofuel production

The role of intergovernmental relations in response to a wicked problem: An analysis of the covid-19 crisis in the brics countries

Games and play: paths towards childhood humanization

Human cognitive and neuro-psychiatric bio-markers in the cardiac peri-operative patient

Страница 1 из 67859