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Geodatabase of buried soils for reconstruction of palaeoecologic conditions in the steppe zone of East European plain

Geoinformation modelling of heavy metals spatial distribution in soils of polyfunctional towns been performed within urban soils. Insight has been provided into a connection between functioning

Reconstruction of paleoclimatic conditions of the second half of the holocene  on the results of the study of buried and floodplain soils in the south of the East European plain

Successive Steps to Organize Rational Use of Soils for Formation of Ecologically Stable Agro LandscapesThe stages of a comprehensive regional programme of territorial reorganization of rural locality

Peculiarities of Soils on the Sand Bar of the Evpatoria Group of Lakes = Особенности почв на песчаном баре Евпаторийской группы озер

The development and current state of the agricultural sector of the national economy due to the more active access to the global food market

Poster: Intensive learning technologies as a trend in education digitalizationPoster: Intensive learning technologies as a trend in education digitalization

Maks Aizikovich Akivis

Mechanisms of antioxidant protection and the photoinduced death of cisplatin-sensitive and – resistant ovarian adenocarcinoma cells

Antioxidant mechanisms in ovary adenocarcinoma cells resistant to cisplatin do not rescue from photonecrosis: implications for photodynamic therapy

Страница 1 из 24438