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Markovian Modelling of Arrival Processes

Regional display of the modern climate warming in tropo and strato spheres of the Northern Hemisphere. Vereshanig, E. P. Naumov, K. M. Shantalinskiy, A.A. Nikolaev.

Relation of plasma aminothiols concentration to functional state of patients with atrial fibrillation

Outstanding Rusian ecologist Nikulay Pavlovich textbook “Animal Ecology” is published in many countries of the world. Ecology for Naumov was a science


Influence of atrial fibrillation on pulse wave velocity in patients with arterial hypertension

Analysis of losses in a bufferless transmission linkIn this paper we use a multivariate Markov Modulated Fluid Flow model to study the loss process

Effect of phase composition of palladium-ruthenium membrane catalyst on selectivity of dehydrolinalool hydrogenationWhen the hydrogenation of dehydrolinalool to linalool is run on a Pd alloy containing 6 wt.% of Ru

On two interacting Markovian queueing systemsIn this paper, we study a Markovian queuing system consisting of two subsystems of an arbitrary

Initial stages of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene transformation by microorganismsScreening of a wide range of microorganisms (32 strains) isolated from various anthropogenic

Страница 1 из 22192