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Evaluation of morphometric parameters of native blood cells by atomic force microscopy

The use of nanomechanic sensor for studies of morphofunctional properties of lymphocytes from healthy donors and patients with chronic lymphoblastic leukemia

Hematologic state of elderly diabetes patients against metabolic disorders

Changes of the biophysical properties of blood corpuscles from the elderly under mechanical stress in vitro

Seasonal activity of frog erythrocytes by data of electrophoretic mobility

Effects of nanodispersed iron on the morphofunctional parameters of the blood system

Estimation of surface potential of lymphocytes from patients with leukemia using kelvin probe mode

Application of technologies of atomic force microscope investigation for evaluation of structure and properties of blood cells’ surfaces

Nanotechnological approach to evaluation of mechanical properties of cell surfaces during stimulation and blockade of adrenoceptors

Osmoregulatory reactions of frog erythrocytes under conditions of activation and blockade of Ca²+-channels

Страница 1 из 67859