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Effect of a coating deposited on foam glass on the ability to absorb high-frequency electromagnetic radiation

Polymer composites with carbon nanotubes of different properties

Effective magnetic permeability of a composite material based on nanoscale hexaferrite particles

Radioabsorbing materials based on polyurethane with carbon fillers

Spectra of electromagnetic parameters of multicomponent radioabsorbing material at frequency range 20 Hz - 100 GHz

Electromagnetic characteristics of thin polyethylene-carbon-polyethylene films

Radiation-thermal synthesis of W-type hexaferrites

Structural and magnetic properties of SHS-produced multiphase W-Type hexaferrites: Influence of radiation-thermal treatment

Structural and Physical properties of MWNT/Polyolefine Сomposites

Quasi-optical 2D system for non-contact non-destructive testing of defects in natural and artificial crystals

Страница 1 из 12683