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INTEGRATIVE TEACHING MODEL OF READING AS A COMPONENT OF A TRANSLATOR'S PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY verified experimentally by comparing the formed translator's reading skills before and after the start

Specific features to train scientific-technical texts reading the students' specific translation reading skills should be formed. The formation of these skills is suggested

Family reading in children literacy skills formation the reasons for the decline in reading's interest, as well as to determine the conditions ensuring a positive

USING ICT-BASED CROWDSOURCING IN LEGAL TRANSLATION SKILLS COLLABORATIVE TRAINING sourcing translation practice can be seen as an effective tool for translation skills collaborative

Translation-oriented reading of scientific-technical texts vs ordinary reading: Psychological and psycholinguistic aspectsTranslation-oriented reading makes it possible to identify the differences and similarities

CLOUD-BASED COLLABORATIVE TRANSLATION: HOLISTIC APPROACH TO STUDENTS' TRANSLATION SKILLS ASSESSMENT also focuses on the ways that cloud-based translation practice accumulate to develope students' skills

Инструменты, которые переводчик должен использовать для создания приемлемого переводаWhy translation? Do we need translation at all in our life? In this article, we are setting out

TRAINING LEGAL TRANSLATORS-TO BE AS RESEARCHERS: LET'S GO TO THE CLOUD for translation skills training, states that Constructivism lays down the theoretical background for Google Apps

The problem of reading and reading culture improvement of students-bachelors of elementary education in modern high institution education" profile, providing thoughtful skill of reading of the works of various styles and genre, creative

Sight Translation: Typological Insights into the ModeThis article explores sight translation as a hybrid mode. It gives the insights into its place

Страница 1 из 1374