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The use of metaphor power indices for the analysis of speech impact in political public speechesThe article examines the metaphor power related to the impact of public political speeches

Conceptual metaphor in George Orwell`s political dystopia "Animal Farm" metaphorical model "Totalitarian state is Animal Farm" in both structural and meaningful ways. In modern

Artifacts as a source of Russian and Kazakh zoological terms of native speakers. In the specific scientific zoological Russian and Kazakh discourse, a metaphor has

Cognitive mechanism of metaphorization in zoological terms in conjunction with the ordinary consciousness of native speakers. Metaphor in a particular scientific zoological

Conceptualization of emotions based on metaphorical principle in the English and tatar languages with color and orientational metaphors are used as a research material. The research results represented

Political metaphors in russian and german: congruences and differencesThe article deals with three kinds of political metaphor namely relationship metaphor, color

METAPHORIZATION OF THE CRIMEAN WAR BY THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE CONSCIOUSNESSThe article describes the metaphoric model of the concept of "war" / "The Crimean War". The methods

Cognitive linguistic approach to the integrated theory of metaphor© 2020, Universidad del Zulia. All rights reserved. The various aspects of metaphor and its

Conceptual Metaphor in Sociological TerminologyThe article deals with a metaphoric perspective in the study of sociological terminology. Metaphor

Фитоморфная и зооморфная метафоры в англоязычных версиях романа Л. Н. Толстого «Анна Каренина» metaphors. Certain examples of these conceptual metaphors are plucked out from the text where special

Страница 1 из 182