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SQUID-Based Magnetometric Systems for Cardiac Diagnostics

The effect of polyvinylpyrrolidone on sulfonated aluminum phthalocyanine photodynamic activity

Placement of telemedicine technologies in medical prophylactic institutions

Elevated levels of serum exosomes in patients with major depressive disorder

Photonics of zinc(II) and boron(III) chelates with methyl- and phenyl-substituted dipyrromethenes and azadipyrromethenes

Properties of filled compositions based on emulsion pvc

Evidences of existence of serotoninergic nerves, enhancing duodenal motility

The Impact of Global Trends on Foreign Language Teaching in Russia

Structural Properties and State of a Zirconium Dioxide Surface Layer Modified with Mе3+ Cations

Evolution of the carbonate state of agrogenically transformed dark gray forest soils in the central forest-steppe

Страница 1 из 12192