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Immunohistochemical study of Ki-67, PHH3, and CK15 protein expression in oral epithelial malignancy in situ and squamous cell carcinoma. © A.A. IVINA, V.A. SEMKIN, Z.S. KHABADZE, I.I. BABICHENKO.

Design and Analysis of Circular-Polarized Patch Antenna at S-band for a Nanosatellite

The proliferative activity of tumor cells and the distribution of SOX2+ pluripotent stem cells in various histological types of ameloblastoma

Ki-67 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in the follicular cyst, keratocystic odontogenic tumor, and ameloblastoma

Value of the expression of Ki-67 and membrane protein glucose transporter GLUT1 in the diagnosis of neoplastic transformation of the oral mucosal epithelium

Comparative Evaluation of Radio Propagation Properties at 15 GHz and 60 GHz Frequencies

Characterizing mmWave Radio Propagation at 60 GHz in a Conference Room Scenario

Empirical Effects of Dynamic Human-Body Blockage in 60 GHz Communications

Cytokeratin 15 as a diagnostic marker for oral epithelial malignization [Tsitokeratin 15 kak diagnosticheskiĭ marker nachala malignizatsii épiteliia slizistoĭ obolochki rta]

Technologies for Efficient Amateur Drone Detection in 5G Millimeter-Wave Cellular Infrastructure

Страница 1 из 12412