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Continuous recrystallization in austenitic stainless steel after large strain deformationContinuous recrystallization in austenitic stainless steel after large strain deformation

High strain rate superplasticity in a continuously recrystallized Al-6%Mg-0.3%Sc alloy and grain boundaries during static and dynamic recrystallization. In this paper, the microstructural

Dynamic recrystallization and grain growth in a ZK60 magnesium alloy sheet produced by isothermal rolling resulted in grain refinement through dynamic recrystallization (DRX) at both temperatures

On the structure and strength of severe strained metal matrix composite Al-30% SiCwCw on the recrystallization behavior and grain size in Al-30%SiCw composite

Microstructural evolution in a commercial Al-Mg-Sc alloy during ECAP at 300°Cstatic recrystallization

Effect of processing temperature on microstructure development during ECAP of Al-Mg-Sc alloystatic recrystallization

Microstructure and mechanical properties of a high-MN twip steel subjected to cold rolling and annealing did not exceed 0.2. On the other hand, static recrystallization readily developed in the cold rolled

Static grain growth in an austenitic stainless steel subjected to intense plastic strainingThe post-dynamic recrystallization of an ultrafine grained 304-type austenitic stainless steel

Modeling of Structure Evolution During Hot Rolling of Aluminum Alloys in the Software Package Deform. DEFORM enables to consider recrystallization of three types: dynamic, meta-dynamic and static

Σ3 CSL boundary distributions in an austenitic stainless steel subjected to multidirectional forging followed by annealing of the ultrafine-grained steel was characterized by the development of continuous post-dynamic recrystallization

Страница 1 из 310